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Trying to be the Hero

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A brief return to livejournal Apr. 29th, 2010 @ 12:57 pm

Hello all, I know its been awhile since I posted but like many of you out there, I have been extremely busy.  As per usual its with school of course, however I've as of late have been job hunting. Mainly because my normal income from school benefits have kinda hit a wall.  I unfortunately put myself in debt with veteran affairs and somehow owe back a sizable portion, mainly due to the fact I dropped 1 stinkin class. =( but I am not one to let problems get worse so Trust that I am actively working this issue out.  Everything should be right back on track as soon as my Summer classes start. YaY!

The good news is this year of school wasn't without success as I am nearly complete with my Associates where I only need but 2 classes that ill finish up in the fall.  This summer however I'll be taking EMT-B classes and start working on being a certified paramedic!  Also if my entrance test to Sentara goes well next week, Ill be enrolled for their Surgical Tech, class which will be another Associates for me and garantees me a job with Sentara Hospitals earning a very livable starting wage.  So life although stressful seems to be rolling right to better things in the near future.

Now to move things to another topic, Please! to all who are GOOD friends of David Belber, Please write him while he is training to become a Naval Officer. He is having a difficult time up there and needs words of support from his good friends. Message me for the address if you dont have it.  And thats about all I have for now.

P.S. Im getting married in a about 2 years.

Possibly deploying to Haiti. Guess its worse than the news lets on. Jan. 21st, 2010 @ 02:43 pm
Although i can't go into specifics, the mission is already underway for the active duty side.  Now we wait for possible deployment orders to come from the top.  You've seen the destruction and chaos that is the aftermath of this earthquake.  To make matters worse, Haiti was hit with an aftershock with a magnitude of 6.1 early this morning. 

Thousands of service men and women have already been sent. I've recieved standby orders from both email and phone.  If I go ill be gone for six months. 

I just hope i can do a little bit of good down there if i do go.  I should know by weeks end what the decision is for my unit.

Dreams... Random synapse firings or windows of insight that tell us our real wants and desires Oct. 21st, 2009 @ 08:57 am
My dream last night was incredibly vivid and even now, hours later extremely easy to recall.  But it was upsetting, my decisions in the dream were terrible and led to me hurting someone I care about.  It was hard to gage what to do in my dream, it was like make a choice between 2 people you care about.  Its funny how this dream came about, likely from a 30 second conversation that popped up earlier that day.  I ended up going back into the same dream 3 times that night to fix what I did wrong.

But I cant help wonder if the first dream was just telling my that im conflicted about relationships, and how i easily sabotage myself when presented the oppertunity.

Sux, I hope that dream doesn't repeat itself
Current Mood: confusedconfused

Making decisions Sep. 24th, 2009 @ 09:31 am
Well, ive attended TCC for going on 5 semesters now and have been keeping myself in the area of biology and science classes with the exception of general studies (i.e. history, english math etc...)  I stayed in that range of classes because although i wasn't sure what exactly i wanted to do, i knew i wanted to be in the medical field.

So Nursing is what I finally settled on.  Yesterday i spoke to my career counselor and he advised me on the pre-reqs and stuff and reviewed my unofficial transcripts.  He told me he gets atleast 5 people a day that come in and ask about the Nursing program and usually tells them to pick a different career based on there classes and grades.  He looked at mine and told me that im an excellent candidate to apply looking at my grades and all my classes, he told me that getting picked up for the Nursing program should no problem.

So I got the ball rolling, soon ill be attending an oreintation seminar on the medical field in general, then next month Ill attend the Nursing seminar and talk to the people that run the program.  Dec.1 ill apply for spring admission for the program and if all goes well ill be in the nursing program by january 2010.  If i stay on track ill be finished by at the latest fall 2011. 

course right now i must go back to studying for this calc test....I HATE MATH!

Everyone is ending their summer nicely... even me ^^v Sep. 9th, 2009 @ 10:14 am

So as most of you know (mainly because you were apart of it) Most people I know here on LJ ended their summer with what Im sure was an awsome time at Dragoncon!  Im sure in the next few days Lj will be abound with stories and tales of a delightful time spent with fandom and friends.

I unfortunately have to much on my plate to have afforded going to Dragoncon but i promise someday ill set aside 500+ dollars in cash just to go.  Thankfully my summer will not end so dull nor will it be as amazing as dragoncon was, im sure my coming weekend will be very much worth it.  This weekend Michelle and myself will spend the weekend with 6 other friends in a swanky suite at "Great Wolf Lodge" where we will relax, drink and enjoy the amazing indoor waterpark they have! 

Cant wait! unfortunately i still have my classes to attend to this week so I must stay vigalent and see to my duties in the scholarly area of my life so as to enjoy this weekend and not worry about such things as academics.

Current Mood: contemplativedistracted
Other entries
» Livejournal, does it every bring smiles?


You know i was just thinking how in a skit done by college humor where all different websites were actual people and Livejournal of course was an emo person who was calling in promising to cut themself.

I guess i can see the humor in the joke, often enough LJ is filled with gripes, complaints, loathing, fighting or in other words DRAMA. Now keep in mind im not knocking it,  I think its fine for people to vent their fustrations out on this sight and of course through their F-list, people can seek support from their friends. It truly is a useful sight that ive very much have bitched and griped on hoping to hear supporting words from my friends not to mention (but still mentioning) getting my problems off my chest.

However tonight im not posting anything angstwise, nor am I complaining about anything really, although I do feel like ive got plenty to vent about, however today im not going to do that on LJ today, instead I just felt like posting something positive.

I hope all of you are doing well in your lives.  Whatever problems that do exist, im sure you'll come out on top of it all.  For the most part all of you on my F-list are some of the kindest, understanding and supportive people i've ever had the pleasure of knowing.

» Its a bit annoying
I just find it very weird that an ex is kinda back in the realm that is my life and no not just any ex but the kinda of ex that defined a period in your life kinda ex.  She is back in town i guess and slowly reconnecting with myself and some of my friends.  I guess thats ok since at one time we were all friends and she was a part of my circles. 

I just find it weird that after what.... a year and a half going on 2 of just being gone and not staying in touch with me or my friends that now all the sudden she's back and wants to be friends.  Her NY life with her last b/f didnt workout and now she's back and wants to lick her wounds..?.. course im positive she's the one who did the heartbreaking. 

Im just a little concerned for her motives.... I think i have a right to be.  Plus its also been on my mind that although she made positive mention of it, me being happily involved with someone may bug her a bit.  I swear i better not see her hitting on my close friends. I would take it personal.

Its confusing because I thought I finished this particular chapter in my life however it seem there are a few more pages to it.
» As a leave for my mission many things come to mind.
1.almost finished at TCC, never figured myself for a book smart person, but I do ok
2.EX-girlfriends come back to haunt in force and numbers, wtf myspace and facebook?
3.I pack like a freaking girl for these missions, i seriously have like 3 bags of sh!t to keep me sane.
4.Life is good, just hope someone feeds the dogs while im gone... and keep that damn cat out of the rrom!
5.about that last comment, i luv cats, but this particular cat although loving has a habit of "marking territory" on my clothes!
6.Each comment i write on here gets progressively longer than the last comment......................................................................................weird?
7.Except this one.
8.I'd luv to do something when I get back... any ideas?
9.I become a bit of a Chibi when I do these missions, so dont hate if I call.. no worries it wont be that random, useless and no calls at odd hours.
10.Call me if your bored, chances are im bored and just wasting your tax dollars... on me! ^_~
11.Someone get back to me on AUSA, like I dunno... Tiffany? Can I really work Green room with you, I could use a break from Guest Relations. Oh and no worries to the Guest Relations Peeps, Manni! everyones favorite Gay Straight Cuban or GSC for short wants to do guest relations again!
12.back to studying for a final thats about an hour away.....whee~!!!!
13.Oh and my G/F is awsome. 
» Tired. and Leaving soon

I only have two classes this summer, but all the classwork is really gettin on my last nerve.  ITE is easy, but !@#$ access and !@#$ data entry, i could never live in a cubical.

in about 2 weeks ill be gone for almost a month for the ARMY.  Kinda sux because when summer semester ends that 2 weeks i would be able to relax goes away with this Annuel Training bull crap.  When i get back from training ill have awhole TWO DAYS OFF before fall semester starts. 

Work is work, i hardly work there, i only get 2 to 3 shifts a week and i barley brings in 600 extra bucks amonth, but whatever, its 600 I can spend on anything.

oh yeah, bought 2 HARRY POTTER!!!! tickets for the midnight showing for Michelle and I.  I've been looking forward to "half blood prince" for awhile and can't wait to see it!

thats about it... time to finish this damn class.
» .....trying to ignore it, but hell cant avoid it.
Today im 28....

maybe ill go buy centrum silver vitamins, sit on the porch and keep kids toys that end up in my lawn and of course go to bed before the sunsets. lol

Its not so  bad.  I dont feel old, and I dont really care its my b-day.  once you get passed 25 it means less and less i suppose.

Happy tho. did dinner and a movie with michelle.  David, Jon debu and Karl came to hangout and watch "Year One" with us. That was fun.  Can't really do much celebrating today anyways. Stuck in class then work tonight.

Aslong as people continue to to guess early 20's for my age, then i dont mind being another year older. Thanks to all who said happy b-day on FaceBook.  I've got saturday off and sunday off this coming weekend, let me know if some of you want to go out somewhere and do something!
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